HCM010S is a high-performance MCU Bluetooth module launched by Quectel. It boasts a ARM Cortex-M33 processor with a frequency of up to 80 MHz, and supports BLE 5.4 and BLE Mesh. The module features built-in 64KB SRAM and 768KB flash, ensuring efficient performance. HCM010S is in a LCC + DIP form factor with an ultra-compact size of 20.0mm × 15.6mm × 2.4mm, which optimizes the size and cost for end-products and is compatible with diverse designs.

HCM010S supports up to 20 GPIOs for UART, SPI, I2C and other functions in QuecOpen® solution, features superior sensitivity of -104 dBm and transmit power of up to +20 dBm and Bluetooth low power mode, which provide flexibility and versatility for a range of applications.

HCM010S supports standard Bluetooth mesh networking, increasing network scalability and node counts with mesh topology, which is suitable for BLE devices that enables many-to-many communications, smart lighting, smart buildings and home smart wireless networks. And the module offers an enhanced security option, Secure Vault, featuring a higher level of IoT security.


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