Quectel’s GNSS LC76F module supports concurrent reception of GPS, GLONASS (or BeiDou) and QZSS. It can acquire and track any mix of GPS, GLONASS (or BeiDou) and SBAS signals. The LC76F is designed to be compatible with Quectel’s L76, L76-L and L76-LB modules, allowing convenient migration between them.

The integrated LNA provides improved sensitivity, improved accuracy, fast tracking and acquisition of signals, and can maintain enhanced performance in challenging environments. Compared with single GPS systems, multiple GNSS systems increase the number of visible satellites, reducing the time-to-first-fix and improving positioning accuracy, even in dense urban canyons.

Combining advanced AGNSS technologies and low-power modes, the LC76F achieves high performance, low power consumption and fully meets industrial standards. The LC76F’s superior performance makes it ideal for industrial PDAs and various consumer and industry applications. Extremely low power consumption makes it an excellent solution for power-sensitive applications, especially portable devices.