General Description
The HS6621is a power-optimized true system-on-chip (SoC) solution for both Bluetooth low energy and proprietary 2.4-GHz applications. It integrates a high performance and low power RF transceiver with Bluetooth base band and rich peripheral IO extension. HS6621 also integrates a power management to provide high-efficient power management. It targets 2.4-GHz Bluetooth low energy systems, proprietary 2.4-GHz systems, Human-Interface Devices (keyboard, mouse, and remote control), sports and leisure equipment, mobile phone
accessories and consumer electronics.
HS6621 on-chip Bluetooth system compliant with version 5.0, support all of Bluetooth standard 5.0 feature.
The chip integrates up to 128Mhz high-performance MCU, DMA, GPIO, I2S, I2C, SPI, UART, TIMER, RTC, watch dog, supports 32Mhz external crystal, integrates multi-purpose 12 bit ADC, AUDIO ADC, PPG Heart rate detection, Touch sensor controller.
The HS6621 integrates on chip 256KB ROM, 256K SRAM and supports user defined IDE system, on chip SFLASH MCU development and JTAG software upgrade.


► RF transceiver
        •  -95 dBm at 1Mbps sensitivity Bluetooth®low energy
        •  TX Power -20 to +7 dBm
        •  6mA peak RX, 5.5mA peak TX (0dBm)
        •  ARM® Cortex™-M4F, max 128MHz
        •  Serial Wire Debug (SWD)
► Memory
        •  256KB SRAM
        •  256KB ROM
        •  Serial Flash:


► Clocks
        •  32MHz crystal、 32MHz RC、 32.768KHz crystal、 32.768KHz RC

► Link Controller
        •  BT 5.0 LE PHY, link controller
        •  Proprietary 2.4-GHz link controller
► Power Management
        •  Deep sleep power 4 uA
        •  Supply voltage range 1.8V to 3.6V
        •  Built-in BUCK DCDC
        •  Integrated Charger(100mA/300mA) (HS6621AG)
► Software
        •  Full compliant with BLE version 5.0, complete power-optimized stack, including controller and host
        •  Supports mesh network
        •  Network processor interface for applications running on an external micro controller
        •  Sample applications and profiles
        •  Supports 6Low PAN
        •  Supports OTA
        •  SWD interface
► Peripherals
        •  DMA × 4
        •  UART × 2
        •  I2S interface
        •  Flexible general-purpose I/O GPIO
        •  I2C master or slave interface × 3
        •  SPI master or slave interface × 2
        •  Watchdog to prevent system dead lock
        •  RTC
        •  32bit timers × 3
        •  Keyboard controller
        •  QDEC × 3
        •  single-end or differential-end 12bits GP-ADC × 5
        •  AES HW encryption
        •  16-bit Audio ADC
        •  Touch sensor controller
► Package
        •  HS6621AG:48-pin 6 × 6 mm QFN
        •  HS6621AF:48-pin 6 × 6 mm QFN
        •  Completely RoHS-compliant 

Typical Application
Smart wearable device

        •  Smart home device
        •  Bluetooth Mesh(smart building lighting)
        •  IoT
        •  Remote control